Jesse Lacey – Luca


Brilliant cover. Kevin Devine on backup vocals.

Kevin Devine is the shit.

That I still hope to grow up and be a ninja turtle. I’m 23. That is all.6253_117985649507_500479507_2109161_2085994_n


I found out about these guys because they are currently opening for Brand New & Glassjaw. Hit the Jump for their latest single as well as their full LP.

Matt & Kim – Daylight

Don’t know why, but I’m feeling this big time. Reminds me of my childhood, lord knows why.

Duffy – Mercy (acoustic)

I don’t know a thing about this girl, her lyrics and tonal range remind me of Aretha Franklin and let’s just face it, I’m a sucker for anything that slightly resembles Motown. Check It Out.